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Meet the creator

Hello there!

I'm Cristal, the one behind each creation and the founder of CDR Threads. I have worked in the embroidery field for over 3 years and finally decided to stop dreaming and took the risk of creating a shop of my very own.

I always find myself amazed of how much growth there's been since the start of my journey, feel free to join me and together we can create that dream you have been wanting to start too. 

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My Story

Our Journey began early 2020, at the time CDR Threads offered basic crafts and received a great amount of support which encouraged our expansion. We took a risk and offered embroidery products which actually helped our community grow even more. We are now a resource to those who want to promote & brand their business.

One of our aspirations is to have a warehouse with a variety of machinery to which we not only offer embroidery but screen printing & DTG. 

Our top priority is to continue to serve you with high quality items so you can promote your brand.

I appreciate you being here and supporting the journey as this dream continues to flourish.


Interested in creating promotional products for your brand or business?.

Let's connect.


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