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EXTRA Embroidery Charge

EXTRA Embroidery Charge

Add this ‘Extra Embroidery Charge’ to your cart to include those extra designs!

Embroidery Add-On is required for all sleeve, side of hat, or back of hat requests. Have a different spot you would like to add embroidery to on your item? Send me a message and let’s discuss where you would like to put it!

1 Add-On is require per item with extra embroidery. If more than one item is needing extra embroidery, then multiple add-ons will need to be purchased. For example: 3 hats with embroidery on the back needs 3 add-ons purchased.

Please include all of the details required for your add-on in the personalization section.

Remember to choose:

•The placement of the embroidery design

•The color of thread

•The name/date or initials

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